Sunday, June 1, 2014

Civil War Cutie

What's better than dressing up in old-fashioned clothes and pretending that you live in the olden days? 

Well, if you happen to be a cute little nine-year-old who loves people as much as you love dressing up, then spending the day with like-minded folks is about as fun as fun gets!

My sister, AnnaLisa,  was a history major in college and loves all things Civil War.  When AnnaLisa's roommate signed up to run the children's tent at the local Civil War Day, she was first in line to help her out.
 And Ellie was first in line to help AnnaLisa out! 

We went for a visit too and enjoyed the music, the reenactments...

and the hands' on activities (like dipping their own candles)!
Ellie had a fabulous time participating and "helping" and has already volunteered to help AnnaLisa out again next year!


1 comment:

R said...

Looks like a lot of fun. Seems Ellie had a good time helping AnnaLisa, and the rest of you enjoyed it too.

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