Friday, June 20, 2014

This week...

Sometimes it's just easier to put an update on everyone all in one post, rather than attempting to be entertaining.   Here's what's going on in our neck of the woods right now!

I've been evermore grateful that I exited Facebook when I did.  I left because I was wasting too much time on it, all the while feeling  constantly aggravated and annoyed by certain people.  Now with all the controversy going on, I am infinitely grateful not to have to read everyone's strong opinions on both sides of the table.  It's as bad as election time and even more personal feeling because it's my faith and my loving leaders that are being dragged through the mud.    In this instance, I am a firm believer that ignorance definitely is bliss.  I like people much better when I don't know exactly what their political/religious/ life leanings are.

I also am planning our homeschool curriculum for next year, pulling together the details for the crafts at YW camp, planning a lesson on the priesthood for the YW, and running back and forth to the car repair shop.   Nearly an arm, a leg, and my firstborn child later, I think we finally have all of our cars up and running.  Here's hoping they last for a long time now!

Last Saturday, Spencer ran a  13-mile leg of a 70-mile off-road relay. It was twice as far as he's ever run in his entire life and although it was a success in that the relay team beat their friend who was running the entire race himself (but barely), it was an experience that he is not eager to repeat!

 This week he also got a full-time job!   Even though it requires hard labor and waking up at 6:00am, he's enthusiastic and working hard at it.   This week he's laid a sprinkler system, patched a roof, created several speedbumps, trimmed a lawn, and set handicap signs in cement.    It's been a really, really weird experience for me to see him up and at 'em before noon, let alone 6:00 in the morning!

Emma created a poetry book, which was amazing.  She is an excellent writer and I am trying to talk her into letting me publish a poem or two of hers here on the blog.    She is also quite the musician and I am loving finally having a kid who doesn't have to be reminded to practice her music!  In fact, we usually have to tell her to stop, because she plays so often that it can interrupt phone calls and people going to bed.

Cami has had homework, finals, and behind-the-wheel this week, but even with all that she hasn't been on time to school even once since seminary ended.  It's been a LONG, challenging academic year for her (3 AP classes will do it) and she is now checking out big time.  There are technically three more days of school this coming week, but she's already let me know that she has no intention on going!  I agreed as long as she uses the time to clean her room, which lately has resembled a room-size dirty laundry basket.

Ellie wishes she could be done with school too, but much to her chagrin, she still has her math book to finish.    We are plugging away at it and hope to be done in the next week or so, so she actually can have some time off too!   She has also been writing her own books, making dollhouse furniture, and obsessing over our little chickies!

Adam  finished his math a few weeks ago, so he is doing some fun math activities each day.  I have him keep doing it mostly so Ellie doesn't cry foul that she's doing math and he isn't!   He also is the main caregiver to all the animals and the resident fix-it guy.  He loves to figure out how things fit together and I will usually ask Adam instead of Glen these days for help with little fix-it jobs.

Glen ran a 14-mile leg of the 70-mile off-road relay race that Spence also participated in.  It was a slightly better experience for Glen than Spencer, but not by much.  He did not get to train as much as he'd wanted and therefore really struggled with the steep hills as well as the distance.  He has been out of town for an entire week now and  I miss him.

Five of my ten Laurels in YW are graduating seniors, which means having to say goodbye to them this summer.  :(
MK is the first one to leave (only a few days after graduation), so we had a little going away party at
Red Mango for her! this week  I will miss her!

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Chelsey said...

Hi! I tried to find you on Facebook but instead of up friending everyone except me, you have left all together! How I miss you! I will have to just be happy with a one way conversation of reading your blog! Hugs! Oxox

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