Friday, June 6, 2014

It's official....

After being inspired by this little snippet in the paper, this morning we opted to officially change our names.

Look out world, here comes.....
Glenne, Llarrah,  Khammee, Emnmuh, Addum, and L.E.

Spennsur wasn't there that day, but rest assured it was our plan that his name be properly butchered to match the rest of ours, so that when I  take out a weekly ad in the newspaper to celebrate our family's super amazing accomplishments, everyone will know that we are an ultra-creative, original,  one-of-a-kind family!

Here's the article I'm submitting to the paper for publication....

Local News  6/5/14
Local resident,  Emnmuh Khrysteen,  sustained an injury at approximately 5:00pm this evening after attempting to exit the pool after swim practice.  The metal ladder, unfortunately, proved to be sharper than Emnmuh's knee and five stitches were required to close the open wound.  Preliminary medical care was offered on-site at the pool by a rather alarmed 20-something pool manager, who, after wiping up Emnmuh's  bloodied knee with her bare hands,  strongly encouraged the family to leave immediately and drive straight to an urgent care clinic.   Unfortunately though, it was shortly discovered after leaving the scene of the unfortunate incident, that the family's car did not know who the heck "Llarrah" was and refused to start for the oddly named clan.  Several phone calls, a push, and a battery jump later, they were on their way....little worse for the wear except for the development of an unnatural fear of ladders and a newfound love for beautiful, classically spelled names.    


PS  Emma is fine and dandy.  By far the worst of the experience for her is not being able to swim for 7-10 days.



K said...

LLarah-I think your new names are perfectly suited to you!

Hope Emnmuh and the car recover quickly!

Love your sister,


annalisa said...

Hahahaha! Good article :)

Your car didn't start, that's kind of funny, but not.

Hope Emmnmuh heals quickly.


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