Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Perfect Egg

When my kids were little, they were always saying things that made us smile.
Their cute pronunciations and funny interpretations of phrases were a source of entertainment for us for years.     I still love talking to toddlers and preschoolers just so I can hear them talk and very much look forward to babysitting grandkids someday!

The older the kids get though, the less entertained we are with what they say.   Mostly gone are the childlike pronunciations and the cutesy topics.  Instead I've got maturing kids who say exactly what's on their minds--for better or for worse.

That's why when I overheard Adam telling his sister the other day that he had played with a kid named Lucifer while at a friend's house, I couldn't stop laughing.   To his credit the kid's actual name, Luther, is not one you hear every day, but he still was so embarrassed that he'd remembered wrong.   I tried to stifle my laughter, but deep down inside I couldn't have been happier about his little memory slip.  It had been way too long that I'd been entertained in a truly childlike way like that.  

 On another note, Adam, in addition to being Lucifer's nicest friend,  is also a fried egg artist...
He was so proud of its perfect roundness and the Africa-like shape of the yolk,
that he was even willing to pose for a picture with it!  I considered listing it on ebay for thousands of dollars, but I ate it instead.


This section is to help me remember some of the cute things the kids used to say.  

Emma would ask us for "purple orange juice" when she wanted grape juice and she always called Cami, "Sammy Ose".   She was also quite the toddler-aged singer who would belt out primary songs all day long...all remarkably in tune.   Spencer would tell us that he loved us a whole whole bunch and like a pecan.  He also would totally butcher the pronunciation of big words, while correctly using them in sentences.  We attributed it to his precocious and prolific reading habits.    Cami couldn't pronounce the "k" or "g" sounds, so she would come up to us and say, "Tami wants a tuddle," when she wanted to crawl in our laps and cuddle.  It took well into elementary school before she could say those guttural, back of the throat sounds.   Adam would throw things off the high chair over and over again, delightfully yelling, "Uh oh!" each and every time.    It was a game he never tired of.   And weirdly, while I'm sure that Ellie had her own cute little things she said, I cannot remember anything specific right now!  She was, however, constantly delighting us with her cheerful and extroverted personality.  She is a girl who has loved connecting with people from day one.

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