Sunday, June 29, 2014

Not Good Enough

As part of having Emma participate on our pool's swim team, it is required that our family volunteer to help six different times during the season.    It's obnoxious, but apparently it takes a lot of people to make a swim meet run smoothly.    They need concession helpers, timers, runners, marshalls, stroke judges,  etc.  Usually I sign up to be a timer.

The last meet though,   I decided to mix things up and try a new place to volunteer, so I signed up to help make snow cones.   Since I'd never done it before I was considered the "helper" while a trained volunteer was the "lead".  Too bad the trained volunteer showed up nearly an hour late and I scrambled having to figure out how to do all the set-up and everything myself.   By the end of the night, I'd done set-up, learned to run the machine, take it apart, clean it, etc.  

So I went to sign up for my volunteer spot for this week's meet, I saw that the "lead" snow cone position was still available so I signed up for that.   I figured since I'd learned all the "highly technical" (haha!) aspects of running the snow cone table the week before, that I definitely qualified as trained.  

Then today I got this email....

So yeah,  I may be a college graduate with previous experience in snow cone machine care, but  according to our volunteer coordinator, who may I point out does not even know how to spell "snow cone" correctly, I am unqualified to run the snow cone table at our pool's swim meets.     

I am now signed up for the much less technical job of "running".   

On the upside, all this is  providing great joke fodder for the kids.   Additionally, my family will be pleased to note that I did get to put my excellent (inherited) sarcasm skills to use in my response to her.  



K said...

I want to see your response!!

R said...

I agree with K. I want to see your response. I dare say that you are now well trained on the snow cone machine. But learning through experience apparently is totally unacceptable to whomever sent the notice.

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