Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Vacation Crash

I read about a study this week that showed that vacations are good for the soul.  
Occasionally taking time off from our daily duties for a few days helps relieve depression symptoms and makes people happier and healthier when they return.  

Our vacation last week was perfect for us.  
We slept late every morning, hiked a lot, visited new places, and ate out for most dinners. 
 It was exactly the kind of rejuvenation that we needed...

which was lucky for Cami...

because she did quite a number on our car today…  

 and she was lucky to have gotten the well-rested, still-on-vacation-high mom and dad when it happened.

As you can imagine, she was completely devastated by the whole incident and she is not looking forward to working off her ticket and insurance deductible amounts or going without a car for her senior year, but  we are very grateful that no one was hurt and that the people she hit were kind to her. 

I'm thinking though that all this might warrant another vacation for us soon.     

If you're going somewhere fun and relaxing soon, let me know if you have room for any stowaways! 



R said...

Is Cami feeling okay today. Not stiff and sore or anything? So glad she wasn't seriously injured.

Charlene said...

Hope she is ok! Life lessons, gotta love them!!

Jennifer McArthur said...

I'm so glad everyone is okay! So sorry about the car! When I was a senior in high school, I skidded on a patch of ice and took down a power line, totaling my parents' car. Tell Cami she isn't the only one! :)

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