Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Saying Goodbye to the Chicks

Remember the little baby chicks in our bathtub from a few weeks ago?  

Well, I am pleased to say that with Ellie's, Adam's, and Emma's tender loving care that...

Rose....                                            Felix.....                                                and Stripe....

are all grown up....

and now free ranging it at Shelly's farm (pics coming soon)!  

And the best part of all?

Getting rid of the chicks meant we had room for Spence to bring home a new pet.    

Spence adopted Zeus from the animal shelter on Saturday.    Spence and Zeus are only here for a couple more days until Spence heads back to school this week, but Zeus has already become a well-loved figure in our home.

Except for Rocky (our dog).  He hates Zeus with a passion and barks incessantly at the closed door where the cat is staying until Spence leaves.

I think that he thinks that he's protecting us from the "big, bad" cat, that's actually quite sweet and nice, but all he's really doing is ensuring that the next pet we welcome into our home is more likely to be a quiet, easygoing feline instead of an obnoxious barky, underwear chewing canine.


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