Monday, August 11, 2014

In the Last Week….

  • Spence got a cat and headed back to Harrisonburg for his sophomore year at JMU!  I am not pleased with JMU apartment cleanliness standards and opted to use the restroom at the gas station rather than using the one in his apartment that clearly had not been cleaned in a very long time.  Ewwww! 

  • Everyone in my presidency was out of town and I manned the food at a stake dance almost entirely by myself.  Thank goodness the Bishop's wife stopped by and stayed to help for a while! 

  • Cami got her wisdom teeth out and hiked up a mountain (Old Rag) with friends.  (see pics below)

  • Glen's been working like crazy lately.  He will be more than ready for our vacation when it rolls around!

  • I've used Nyquil and Benadryl for the first time in my life (not at the same time though!) so that I can get a little sleep with this nasty cold I've had that's going on two plus weeks!  

  • Glen got a new calling in the HP and will be released from his Primary Chorister calling soon.  He is bummed.

  • I took Ellie, Adam, and Emma to a Lego Fair.  It was very cool (see pics below)! 

  • Cami and Emma have been avoiding eating dairy and gluten.  Why?   Just for the heck of it.

  • Ellie and Adam both bore their testimonies on Fast Sunday and melted my heart!

  • We saw a juvenile yellow-crowned night heron hanging out at our pool the other day.   It's endangered in several states, so we felt very cool seeing it!  (see pic below)

Cami and friend, Graham

Cole, Maddie, Graham, Cami, Katy, and Frank at the top of Old Rag

Immature Yellow-Crowned Night Heron


Charlene said...

My kids loved the lego fair pictures!! That is so cool!!!

K said...

I will take you all to LEGOLAND when you come to visit me!!

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