Thursday, August 21, 2014

CAUTION: Llamas on Board

Taking a hike can be invigorating and satisfying, but it can also be long and tedious….
especially if it's hot and you have to tote around a gazillion water bottles on your back.  

Yesterday we had a hike along a creek to a waterfall planned, but the weather was hot and oppressively humid.    So what did we do?  

We hired slave labor (i.e. llamas) to tote our food and drinks for us! 

Meet Taylee and Rocky...

 JJ and Blackfoot,

and White Lightning and General Jackson! 

They made for hard-working and entertaining walking companions. 

Sure, they also had stinky breath and insatiable appetites...

but they were also lovable...

and oh so cute!  

They brought us up to this waterfall where we had a picnic lunch...

and then over the longest swinging bridge in the whole USA!

 It was a hike we won't soon forget!

Thank you to Steve at Smoky Mountain Llama Treks for an amazing experience!

Ellie is already asking when we can come back! 



annalisa said...

That looks pretty dang awesome! How long did the hike last?

R said...

Nice to have pack llamas carry everything. They look smaller than I expected. Glad you are having so much fun on your vacation.

Lara said...

It was about 2 hours!

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