Friday, August 8, 2014

Wisdom vs. Ice Cream

Random Fact #1:   I am 41-years-old and still have 3 of my 4 wisdom teeth. 

Random Fact #2:  As of Wednesday morning, Cami now has 0 wisdom teeth. 

Random Fact #3:  According to my calculations that fact makes me approximately 3 times wiser than Cami and  the average American.

Random Fact #4:   Cami comes out of anesthesia really really talkative and giggly.

Through the whole drive home, Cami carried on a mostly one-sided bubbly, unfiltered, gauze-mouthed stream of consciousness conversation with me!     


Cami:  "Mom, I rea-wee want to go on a Ssssegway tour."

Me:  "Should we see if we can do that when we come for your follow-up?"

Cami:  "No!  I want to go now!  Can you imagine how it would feel to ride a Segway down the sidewa....Oh! Did you see that lady?   She looked like Emma!   Do you think there are deer in the city?  I like baby deer...I wonder where they live in the city.  Let's stop at Jamba Juice!  Oh!  Sister W asked me to babysit tonight!  Segways are sooooo cool. "  


Random Fact #5:  In the last 24-hours Cami has consumed every variety of frozen treat known to man. Ice cream, frozen yogurt, frozen custard, smoothie, slurpee, etc.

It's enough that I am thinking of getting my wisdom teeth out now too.



annalisa said...


K said...

No doubt you are 3 times wiser than the average American!

Yes, Cami is pretty hilarious when coming out of anesthesia.

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