Thursday, September 4, 2014

Where Peeta Walked

Congratulations to Sheila who correctly guessed in the last post that we were  in DuPont State Park, the filming location of Hunger Games.    Although we knew about the Hunger Games connection before we went there,  our purpose in going there was to see all those beautiful waterfalls and gorgeous forests.  It was funny though, because we met some very confused hikers who could not understand why on earth there were so many teenagers traipsing around a state park.  At one point, we walked by a group of  100 or so teeny boppers who apparently were on some kind of pilgrimage to "walk where Peeta walked".

 Let me tell you though….

it wasn't all that glamorous!

The Western North Carolina scenery, though,  was absolutely glamorous and then some.   It is a gorgeous part of the world and we would definitely come back for another visit someday.  

Here are a few more of our favorite photos from the vacation, then  I will only have one more vacation post to go, so I can finally get back to blogging about current events again….like the fact that school is in session!


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R said...

Quite a foot mud bath. Love all the pictures. A very nice vacation before school started. Love all you guys.

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