Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Elements of a Great Weekend

What are the elements of a great weekend?     

1.  Some good old-fashioned hard work
Saturday morning we participated in a "Day to Serve" service project with our ward where we helped build fences at Claude Moore Colonial Farm (a local historic site)

2.  Some great food
Saturday evening I canned two batches of homemade blackberry jam from blackberries we'd picked fresh on Labor Day.  

 Then, so we could have something worthy of slathering homemade jam onto,  I made five loaves of homemade bread with freshly ground whole wheat flour.

Then on Sunday we made our own version of Cava's Greek salad with lemon tahini dressing and freshly made pita bread.    It was absolutely delicious and I  delighted listening to my children chat about the merits of tzatziki sauce and what kinds of hummus that they preferred.   I had never even heard of hummus until about 10-years ago! 

3.  VISITORS!!!!
My brother Tim visited us last weekend….a fact which made the nieces, nephews, and siblings all very happy!  We miss him and hope he'll come back soon! 

4.  A field trip somewhere cool
In this case it was Daddy's office!  The office was deserted because it was Saturday, but the  kids loved  being there in Daddy's lair and decorating his whiteboards for him!  

In other words, we've had a couple of great weekends around here! 
And based on the fact that our wake-up time all week is now more than two whole hours earlier than it's been all summer,  some great weekends are exactly what we need to warm up to this new school year!


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