Sunday, September 14, 2014

Feeling Groovy!

 I just found this draft of a blogpost in my archives and decided that it was a gem that needed to be published.  If nothing else, it has a couple of pretty cute pictures of our family  that I don't want to lose in the depths of our computer files.

From Summer 2013:

As per a long-standing summer tradition at our house, we recently got our groove on and tie-dyed our own shirts!

It's a fun tradition where everyone enjoys the process as much as the finished product.  

These pictures remind me of this quote from Pres. Uchtdorf:  
"In family relationships love is really spelled t-i-m-e, time."

It is becoming a rare occasion when our family is all together and I treasure these moments, simple though they may be,  when they do  happen.  

I sure love our family!



annalisa said...

Cute pictures! I love tie-dye!

Ruth said...

Did you see our tie dyed shirts? I tried food coloring, but it washed out after the first wash. :( At least I took pictures and next time I'll try to be less crafty and buy a kit at the store. :) Your are great!

Anonymous said...

Did Spencer ever get to go on his Make-A-Wish trip? Where did he decide to go?

Lara said...

No, Spencer never did go on a Make-A-Wish trip. Maybe it's worthy of an entire blogpost in and of itself, but in my opinion Make-A-Wish dropped the ball big time in his case. He picked a really big, out-there wish of traveling overseas. We worried that his wish was too expensive and wondered if they would encourage him to tone it down a bit, but MAW insisted that his wish was entirely fine, encouraged us to get our passports quickly, and even sent him teaser letters saying that his trip would be soon. That was two years ago. After a few months of teasing us, they completely dropped all contact with us. We have tried to contact them a few times, but are always put off. Such a high percentage of people with Spencer's type of leukemia relapse, that we honestly have wondered if they kept putting him off thinking/hoping that he would relapse and they would never have to fulfill his wish. Make-A-Wish, in our mind, is a fabulous organization that does a lot of good for people who have Disney-related wishes, but in all other respects a disorganized foundation that is mostly adept at giving false hope to sick patients.

Anonymous said...

That is terrible! I am so sorry that happened. I kept thinking he had to delay it because of school or a scheduling conflict, not that Make-A-Wish completely abandoned his wish!

Sorry, I don't have a blog account, but I am also a cancer mom. My daughter was diagnosed with AML at 16 and your blog was one of the first I found and was a lifeline to me in the first month of treatment. She recently relapsed and is prepping for BMT #2. I still like to check in and see how you all are doing. :)

Lara said...

We realize that in the scheme of the life and death things that he's faced that not going on a trip is more of a disappointment than anything too terrible, but thank you for checking in with us and commiserating with our disappointment. Although I don't know you, I'm sad that your daughter has relapsed and hope that this next phase of treatment is successful in returning her to her health. I can't imagine how exhausting it must be for both of you to go through it all again…especially knowing full well how difficult the path ahead is. She will be in our prayers.

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