Tuesday, February 17, 2015

In the last 24-hours….

1.   It snowed 4-inches of dry, powdery snow, which meant that seminary and school were canceled today!   The snow wasn't quite as good for sledding as the kids like, but that still didn't stop them from playing outside in it for hours on end.  
2.  Ellie has cooked 2 gourmet meals for herself (gourmet by 9-year-old standards anyway) and helped make dinner too.   I am grateful for the time I've spent over the years to teach the kids how to work in the kitchen.  It often means a bigger mess in the short-run, but has paid huge dividends in the long run, by having a house full of kids who are not picky eaters in the slightest and enjoy helping in the kitchen.    

3.   Cami and Emma have made their own homemade exfoliating creams and are now giving each other facials.
4.   I've had 2 kids whining at me about how unfair it is that they have to do math on a "snow day".  Happily everyone persevered and we won't have to do double math lessons tomorrow.

5.  We shoveled out from our underperforming snowstorm.   Glen shoveled the driveway early this morning, then the rest of us shoveled the rest of the cars out later this morning.    We didn't shovel so we could go somewhere though (other than Glen who still had to go to work), but so we could move the cars out of the way of the sled trails.
6.  I've done some coordinating on a fancy  event that I'm helping with  and I'm feeling decidedly unfancy and underqualified to have anything to say about it.  

7.  Cami made a batch of homemade marshmallows, then dipped them in chocolate, wrapped them up fancy, then brought some to friends (and left the rest of them at home for the aforementioned "fancy event").  I think she should be helping with the fancy event instead of me.  

8.    Ellie has reprogrammed the Siri app on my phone to stop calling me "Emma" and instead call me "Walla Walla Buster Brown". 

9.  We got good news!  (stay tuned for more details)  


These pictures are just random snowy day pics and have nothing to do with our good news! 

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