Monday, February 2, 2015

The Beach in January!

Growing up smack dab in the middle of the United States meant that I only saw the ocean a handful of times in my entire childhood.   And when we did, it was usually part of a long road trip where we'd stop for a couple of hours before we were on our way again.     

Now we live only a couple of hours from the Atlantic Ocean, and we usually hit the beach at least once or twice a year, almost always in the heat of the summer.  Our favorites are Rehoboth and Bethany, and we also like the Outer Banks and Assateague.     

Only rarely (maybe once or twice) have my kids ever seen the Pacific Ocean.    And certainly we've never spent any time at a beach anywhere in January, which is what makes this trip to California all the more exciting for the kids (and for me)! 

My kids have literally been giddy with the chance to wear their summer clothes again and soak up some sun in the middle of wintertime.  

Never mind that it's only around 70º, which makes it  a cool day by summer standards.   It's sunshiny and  twice the temperature as it is back home, which makes it  plenty warm enough to swim and sunbathe! 
It's been a delight to see them have fun and interact with their long-lost California cousins. 

Ellie, in particular, is having a hay-day with her cousin, Madeline! 

Emma and Cami are enjoying the days off of school (yes, we even take breaks from homeschool). 

And other than the mid-term she is having to fight her AP Stats teacher about taking when she gets back, Cami is very happy to have been able to come along with us and enjoy the sun and sand.  

Our family  is tight-knit and I'm loving the time with my sisters!  (more on that later)

We've been silly an awful lot. 

And just in general, enjoying the time we can spend together.  

Emma and Cami have been having fun together too, and, much to Kristina's delight, cooking up a storm (dinners and desserts) every chance they get.   Tonight Emma made beautiful chicken cordon blue.    The other night they made garlic-chicken pasta.  Another night they made creamy Mexican chowder.   I'm a lucky mom!

We also have loved how non-busy the beaches have been, which makes for some idyllic photos without any other people in the background.  

The only problem with coming to warmer climes in the middle of winter is that it makes me want to plan trips like this every winter!    What a great way to shake off the winter doldrums and spend some time with family while we're at it.    

I am grateful for this opportunity! 



Matthew K said...

England is on an island and therefore has a lot of beaches. Just wanted to point that out, in case anyone feels the desire to hang out at the beach again.

Charlene said...

Texas has beaches too!! and we have warmer weather here too.....depending on the week you come and visit!! (hint, hint) ;)

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