Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Adventure of Getting to California

Deciding to come to California for an awesome deal was the easy part, but actually getting here was a whole other story!

Our first adventure was the weather.   Our tickets  to leave were for  Tuesday morning, but late on Sunday, after a very busy day (teaching YW and New Beginnings that evening), we got an alert that our flight was under a weather advisory.    We called our airline to see what our options were and after being on hold for over an hour, they said they could move our flight up to Monday morning (less than 12-hours away).   We decided this was the best option and went ahead and made the change.  

Thus began a very long night of laundry, packing, cleaning, etc.   Basically all the stuff we were supposed to have all day Monday to accomplish, now had to be done in a few short hours.

We ended up getting about 2-hours of sleep, then headed for the airport in the wee hours of the morning.

The snow had already begun, but luckily it wasn't sticking to the roads yet.   We made it slowly but surely to the airport about an hour from our house.  Thankfully the security lines were very short and we made our way to our gate quickly.   There were many cancelled and delayed flights already, but happily ours left right on time.

We were all totally exhausted and tried to catch up on some sleep during the flight.  Unfortunately no one except Ellie was overly successful in that quest though.  

We oohed and ah-ed as we flew over the Grand Canyon….

We arrived to Las Vegas easy peasy, but then had to fight with the car rental place for 45-minutes to get the right price on our car (also an extremely good deal).  After procuring the car we drove down The Vegas Strip (without getting out)….

….then took off through the desert for Southern California.

We were grateful for a DVD player and a spacious car...

We were in awe at the wide open spaces as we drove down I-15, but somehow felt right at home when the rain started and the traffic got heavy about 40-miles out from K's house.

We've been here since Monday evening and have been having a great time!   

Stay tuned for lots more California adventures to come.  

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