Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Throwback Thursday: A Surprise in the Shower!

Back in the days before I started this blog, I would send emails to my parents with stories about the kids.    Here's a long-lost email I sent them in October 2003 when Adam had just turned one and Emma was almost three.   

I had a somewhat hectic morning and didn't have the chance to shower before Glen left for work and the older kids went off to school.  Rather than spending the day unshowered, though, I made a bold decision that I would try to distract the little ones for a few minutes and attempt to shower anyway.  I got Adam (barely 1) and Emma (3) occupied in the room adjacent to the bathroom with  doors shut and plenty of things they could do.  I was fully enjoying my three minute long shower, until I realized that while I could hear Emma happily playing, that I couldn’t hear Adam at all.   
As I turned around to peek out the shower curtain to see if I could see what he was doing, I jumped in surprise as I just about knocked him over.  He’d walked into the shower fully clothed and hadn’t made a single sound!  He looked as surprised as I did, since my turning around caused the stream of water to drench him completely.  
All in all he was quite pleased with himself that he’d found my “hiding place”! 

PS   Although I often miss having "little people" in the house anymore,  I am really happy to be at a place in life that I can take showers now without worrying about what the kids are getting into!

I couldn't find a good picture of them in the right age range,
so this one of Emma and Adam was when they  were more like 5 and 3.

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