Saturday, July 4, 2015

A Foodie Fourth

Here's a little glimpse at our Independence Day: 

We started the cool, rainy day with a delicious patriotic breakfast...   

a little  granola and fruit creation made by Emma.   

We did our Saturday chores and watched a couple of inspirational videos...

Then my girls made us a delicious patriotic dinner.   

Emma made the stuffed pizza burgers, Cami made  roasted sweet potatoes, and Ellie made cool patriotic layered drinks.

And then Cami made this lovely dessert!  

It was so good that we decided that we didn't to see any fireworks (especially since we already saw some last night at the Nats game).     

 So we stayed home, watched a stupid movie, and in general had a great {and delicious }day celebrating the birth of our country. 



Charlene said...

Hey! We did the exact same thing!! With Ethan working now, it's hard to plan anything or go anywhere! When did that happen????

Jennifer McArthur said...

Oh, I can't wait until my kids can cook! Here's hoping they'll like to and want to! I love all the festivity!

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