Tuesday, July 21, 2015

How to Charm a Butterfly in a Few Easy Steps

In case you ever wondered how you can get to know a butterfly a little better, Ellie is here to tell you how in just a few easy steps.   

 1. Go to the Natural History Museum in DC on a Tuesday and get free admission into the Butterfly Pavilion.  

2.   Wear bright colorful clothing.

3.  Get warmed up for your butterfly meeting session by getting acquainted with other large insects.

4.  Sit quietly and patiently observe butterflies in action.  

5.   Approach butterflies gently with a small flower petal in hand.

6.  When all else fails, start walking around and looking at other things and wait for the butterfly to land on your shoulder.   

Voila!   Guaranteed success!    


See below for more butterfly acquaintances made today.    

1 comment:

R said...

Beautiful girls and beautiful butterflies.

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