Thursday, July 30, 2015

Last Week...

All of the following are totally true stories from the past week:

1.  I employed one of my children to help me eat healthier this week by offering them a small monetary bonus  if he would discourage me from eating junk and offer me healthy snacks in its place.   His first day on the job involved scolding me for eating crackers, handing me a bowl of raspberries after witnessing me wandering aimlessly through the kitchen,  and begging me to take him out for gelato while we were out running errands.   Meanwhile, another kid is vying for his job and is constantly offering to make me smoothies.

2.   Glen always picks the craziest weeks to go out of town.   Or maybe they're crazy because he's out of town...I guess I'm not really sure.  So last week we had the genealogy camp at the National Archives which brought me downtown every single day, the Young Women held a charity bake sale, our ward hosted the stake dance, one of my YW counselors had a death in the family,  my sister-in-law arrived into town, we had activities Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights, Emma was giving a talk in sacrament meeting, I had early meetings on Sunday morning, and I was teaching in YW.   By Sunday night, I was wiped out to the extreme and slept very, very, very soundly...through Glen arriving back home and through a thunderstorm!

3.   The other day one of my kids excitedly called out to me that the orangutan she was reading about was born the same year as me.  She thought it was a cool coincidence that I had an orangutan twin somewhere in the world.  Another kid, though, overhearing the conversation, said in a shocked tone of voice, "Whoa!  Is that the oldest orangutan ever to live?!"  

4.   Glen's been working night and day on a deal at work and now it is finally done.

5.  My kids learned a lot about genealogy research at the National Archives camp, so we decided to round off all that knowledge with a meeting with a family history guru from our ward.   After a couple of hours, Cami, Emma, and Adam all found names to take to the temple.

6.  WE've been through 20 lbs. of butter,  10 lbs. of cream cheese, over 16-oz. of vanilla, and untold amounts of sugar and flour over the last three weeks.    I guess a  20-dozen cupcake order, a wedding cake topper, a bake sale, and a week-long cupcake camp at our house will do that.

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Rachel said...

wow! What a week! I love the way you summarize things!

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