Monday, August 3, 2015

Magic in DC

On the final day of genealogy camp I dropped the kids off at the National Archives....

took Ellie and Hannah on a stroll through a garden and did some watercolor painting.

When their masterpieces were complete, we headed to the American Indian Museum, where we the very first visitors in the front door.     

We spent the entire time in the children's room playing in teepees and building foam igloos.   

Then when we went to a show at the Discovery Theater in the Ripley Center.

His name was Robert Strong and he is billed as a comedy magician for kids.   

It was a fun interactive show and it was a great way to end our week!  
Now camp is over and I'm working on making my blog the most boring in the universe.   

1 comment:

K said...

Like you could ever win that title while I'm still blogging!😝

Sounds like a fun week!!

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