Friday, August 14, 2015

Hiking with Mom

It's been a few months since my mom came to visit, but I came across these pictures and couldn't resist publishing them here to prevent them being lost in the netherworlds of our family's cyber files.   

I love outdoor adventures and  I love trying to inflict them on anyone who comes to visit. Luckily my mom was a good sport and happily agreed to come along with us that cold day. We had researched a good place to take a family hike that day, unfortunately, though,  it's been long enough that I have no memory of where that good place is.    I do remember enjoying the scenery very much....
 as well as these fun stepping "stones" across the water.    

It was freezing cold that day and I remember really hoping that no one would slip off into the frigid waters.   (No one did. ) 

I love that my mom was a good enough sport to join us on one of our hiking adventures...

and I thought this sweet sight was enough to melt my heart!    

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