Monday, August 24, 2015

Family Gathering

When we moved to the DC area 15-1/2 years ago, young and naive,  most people assumed that we didn't know a soul.   Really, though, our family's ties to this area run pretty deep.   Glen's parents were both born in Washington, DC and Glen's mom even graduated from the same high school as Spencer and Cami.   When we moved here, we had Glen's paternal grandparents living nearby, as well as three aunts and their families.     

The Crain side wasn't represented yet, but they soon changed that as well.   Over the course of that decade and a half that we've lived here, we've had all of my seven siblings do at least a short stint living in the area.   Four of them have settled down and made it their home.    

My side of the family is pretty tight knit and we see each other pretty regularly.   Glen's family, however, is another story.   When Grandma was alive, we used to get together with them a couple times a year.  Since she passed away a few years ago, it's been a much less frequent occasion and we miss seeing them as much.  So when Glen's aunt hosted a cousins' get-together a couple weeks ago, we  were excited to go!  
↑ This was all the Goold cousins except Glen's five siblings and Stephanie.   

There were kids galore...

and lots of activities to keep them busy 

for the young...

and the old.   

It was fun spending time with some of the younger generation...

There was some serious adorableness going on there...

and I couldn't get enough of this smiley little sweetie-pie!  

My girls were excited to get their fill of baby-loving while they were there!  

Cami's the cousin once-removed in this picture, but Jane and Jill are much closer to her  age than Glen is!

Danny and Jeff had a little impromptu jam-session going on that was fun to listen to!  I knew that musicality ran in the Goold side of the family, but I had no idea how talented they were! 

This little cutie, Tristan, was very impressive!  He is barely two, but can name every single one of the animals in this English and in Farsi!    And I'm not just talking dog, cat, cow...  He says daschund, polar bear, jaguar, etc.  

We all really enjoyed the time we spent together that day and it was great to reconnect.  They may mostly live in the DC area, but we definitely don't see them often enough!  


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