Friday, August 21, 2015

Scouting Adventures

Adam is well in the throes of the scouting program now.   He's finished several merit badges now and has been to scout camp... 

on longish hikes, and campouts in the cold.    

And why do we have so many pictures of him away from home?  

It's because the photographer is Glen.  

He was recently called to work with the deacons in our ward...

and he will now be at all these fun scouting activities with Adam!   


How am I doing in my quest to create the most boring blog in the universe?   
Word on the street says I have it in the bag!  


1 comment:

Matthew K said...

Lara, this is one area in which you are failing miserably. Your blog is very, very far from the most boring. I personally love it!!!

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