Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Fireflies and Lara Tries to Write a Poem

Fireflies, lightning bugs, bioluminescent beetles...

whatever you call them, they're a summer favorite amongst the kids in our house!   

None of these pictures really capture the glow that makes them so darn irresistible... 

but what they do capture is the delight of the kids. 

Even Cami couldn't resist catching a few! 

The pictures were taken right after Cami's seminary graduation in June...

And they make smile every time I look at them...

...which is why they're making a late appearance here on the blog.  

I love these kiddos!   

A firefly twinkles,
Lighting the sky like a star.
Enchanting, dazzling. 
                                     --an original haiku

1 comment:

annalisa said...

I love fireflies too! I think of them as nature's Christmas lights for the summertime. :)

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