Monday, August 10, 2015

Scavenger Hunt in Georgetown

For a recent summer mutual activity with the Laurels, we decided to go for a fun outing that we wouldn't have been able to do on a school night. We took a field trip to Georgetown, explored for a while, then got a treat at Baked and Wired before heading home. I wanted more of a framework for our explorations around town and thought a photo scavenger hunt would be perfect, unfortunately I could not locate a scavenger hunt that was not run by a tour company that charged an arm and a leg. So I made my own. Below you will see the hunt and the pictures we took along the way. Here you will find a printable version of the hunt.

Georgetown Scavenger Hunt

Founded in 1751, Georgetown predates Washington, and it remained a separate city from Washington until 1871. The name of town came from either reigning King George II of Britain, or George Gordon and George Beall, owners of most of the land at the time the city was founded.

1. Red door

2. Place that sells paintings

3. A historic plaque dated before 1800

4. A gargoyle

5. A place where a president (or other famous politician) lived or visited

6. Store or restaurant whose name could be a verb

7. A cemetery

8.  Someone wearing plaid pants  (bonus if you get them to pose for a picture with you)

9.  An archway

10.   An embassy

11.  A stained glass window

12.  A building made out of stone 

13.  The C&O canal

14.  Something named after one of the US states

15.  A Civil War era site  (1860-1865)

16.  A cobblestone street or path

17.  An address of 4 consecutive numbers (ex. 1234, 5678, etc)

18.  Someone dressed up in an old-fashioned costume 

19.  Something on a sign written in Latin

20.  A sign that says "historic" on it

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Rachel said...

what a fantastic activity! That is such a great scavenger hunt!

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