Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Blast Off!

One of the best parts about driving downtown every single day in a week for the kids' genealogy camp,  is that I'm suddenly becoming a lot more familiar with the lay of the land in DC.  While we've come downtown countless times over the course of the 18-years we've lived in the East, but  normally we are there to do one thing and one thing only.    I go straight from parking to a museum, then home again.   Last week, though, I got to experience the city more as a feast than a nibble.   I parked by the National Archives every day, then had to figure out our way to all over the Mall and back again.

On Thursday while the kids were at the camp, Ellie and I trekked over to the Tidal Basin and tried out the pedal boats!  

Our legs were burning with the effort, but it was cool to see the city from a new vantage point on the water!

After camp we all went over to the Air and Space Museum where Ellie got to be the honorary astronaut for the day during a presentation on the International Space Station.  

She made a cute little astronaut, but I must say that I'm glad she didn't blast off into space...

because I've been rather enjoying all the time we've been spending together and waiting for her to return from a trip to outer space would have been a pain!  


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R said...

Ellie looks so cute in the astronaut suit. Were the pedal boats fun? Was it hard pedaling on the
water? It looks like you added some photos to the bubble water post. I don't remember Cami
Being in any of the pics. Or the gallery with Joseph Smith and Brigham Young.

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