Wednesday, September 16, 2015

First Day!!

Summer has ended and school started last week (the day after Labor Day).    I have no kids in public school this year, which feels a little weird, but also very freeing.   If they were in public school they'd be in all different schools, so in that one aspect it's a little easier to have them all in one place.    This picture was of them as they walked into their first math class on Wednesday.  The math class is something new that we're trying this year and I'm actually quite excited to spend less of my day wading through algebraic equations.  Emma's taking geometry, Adam is taking algebra, and Ellie is still doing math at home with mommy. 

Here's a little glimpse of what each of the kids is up to right now:  

Ellie:  5th Grade
Biggest excitement: starting piano lessons again!
Something interesting:  Ellie's seizures seem to be getting a little less frequent.   She still has a lot of them each day, but we are heartened that there is any improvement at all.
Extracurricular activities:  soccer, piano lessons, lego league  
Wants to be a school teacher.

Adam:  7th Grade 
Biggest excitement:  Playing soccer this season after a few years off!
Something interesting: He completed 7 boy scout merit badges this summer--some of them at scout camp and some with friends!
Extracurricular activities:  soccer, piano lessons, lego league
Wants to be a scientist.  

Emma:  9th Grade
Biggest excitement: Starting early morning seminary! 
Something interesting:  She cooks 100% of her own food.   She is not only trying to eat healthier, but she's following some kind of food combining diet, which means that no matter how healthy I cook food for the family she will rarely, if ever, eat it.   I get a little frustrated with it sometimes, especially when we are away from home and options are limited, but I am inspired by her healthy choices and her quickly improving cooking skills.   She's actually quite the chef now!
Extracurricular activities:   seminary, voice lessons
Wants to be a clinical nutritionist or a singer. 

Cami:   College Freshman
Biggest excitement:  living on her own
Something interesting: She spent hours with Katy (her roommate and best friend) planning the decorating scheme of their dorm room before they moved in.    She did NOT get her decorating interest or skills from me!
Extracurricular activities:  skydiving, getting to know lots of new people
Wants to be a nurse. 

Spencer:  Taking year off of school
Biggest excitement:  when mom doesn't blog about him 
Something interesting:  He's working full-time in construction, which means he comes home sweaty, exhausted, and dirty each day!
Extracurricular activities:  sleeping, camping, visiting Harrisonburg
Wants to be  ???   (the main reason why he's taking the year off)

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