Friday, September 18, 2015

Hiking the Y

What's a "Y" and how on earth do you hike it?

Take a visit to Brigham Young University and you'll find out quickly!    
It's a large concrete "Y" on the side of the mountain just east of campus.   It's been there over 100 years and is such a symbol of BYU that the university is often referred to simply as the "Y". 

It's only a 1.2 mile hike from the trailhead to the top of the "Y", but it is all up hill and can feel somewhat grueling at times.  

Emma, Cami, and Adam were pretty fast and made it to the top somewhat quickly...

While Ellie and I took longer, we both held our own surprisingly well.  Ellie didn't complain a bit...

and had a huge (albeit goofy) smile plastered all over her face when we finally got to the top!

The girls had to do the traditional "Y" pose! 

Us old ladies (my sister and I) climbed it like rockstars!   So we were bright red and huffing and puffing when  Stephanie Nielson of NieNie Dialogues passed us like we were standing still, but for a couple of flatlanders we did quite well...thankyouverymuch!  

The amazing view was worth all the effort...

...and Cami got an adorable "I'm a cute, new college student" photo for Instagram!

And just a week or so later, she climbed it again at night with her new college friends. 
I'm proud to be a Y alumnus and so excited that Cami gets to experience it too!   



annalisa said...

Sometimes I miss the good old college days. :) Maybe I should hike the Y while I'm visiting next month.

R said...

Yes you all did very well for living at sea level or barely above. So glad you came to visit and got to do so many "fun" things.

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