Monday, September 21, 2015

Bryce Canyon

Recently I realized that out of all the gazillions of times I've visited Utah (or years that I lived there), that I'd never done anything more than drive through Southern Utah.   I'd never visited St. George, never been Zions, or Bryce, or seen any of the places that Southern Utah is famous for.  So when we realized that we were going to be in Utah for a couple of weeks between the cabin and dropping Cami off at BYU, I decided it was time to take a visit of our own!   

We started with a visit to Bryce Canyon National Park!   

We were in awe with the scenery there the second we drove into the park.  The delicately carved spires, the stratified layers of reddish rocks, and the sweeping vistas are one of a kind in the world! 

We wanted to get a better look at the scenery... 

so we got out of the shuttle and took a hike! 

And in a major small world moment ran into the M family from our home ward!   It was great to see two of my young women 2000+ miles from home!

As with any beautiful/interesting backdrop, we had to spend a few minutes for the girls to attempt to get their perfect shots for Insta (none of these made the cut).  

And I decided that I really like putting random meaningless messages in the middle of my blogposts. This time I think I'll pontificate on pillows.  Glen likes his fluffy.  I like mine flat.  Cami doesn't like them at all.  Why is that?   I have no idea, but I do wish I saw more of mine. 

And on another random note, Cam was pleased to discover that her arms seem to perfectly camouflage with the stone walls at the parking lot.  

And back to the meat of the post....

Here are a few more photos (mostly taken by Adam) to whet your appetite...

...and to get you to start planning your own trip to Southern Utah soon!   

Seriously!  Look at the artistry.  

I imagine that God was smiling when he set the geologic forces to work to create this stunning part of the world.   

And with that...
I will close my eyes and go back to pontificating on the wonder of God's creations from the comfort of my very flat pillows. 


annalisa said...

Bryce Canyon is beautiful! That's crazy that you ran into someone you knew there. What a small world it is sometimes. :)

I also like my pillow flat ;)

R said...

Bryce canyon was gorgeous. Thanks for inviting me along. I generally like a fairly flat pillow.

Matthew K said...

I don't believe in pillows. Pillows are for wimps!! Only rocks from Bryce Canyons for me and my head.

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