Friday, September 25, 2015

A Tale of Love

Once upon a time there a girl who was on a break from relationships.   She'd been a little burned on her last go around and had sworn off anything other than casual dating for a while.   So one day a random guy she met in the CougarEat asked her on a date.   I'd like to say that the girl getting hit on by random strangers in the Wilkinson Center was a normal experience for her, but alas it was an anomaly and the girl was a tad nervous about going out with a guy with whom she had no mutual friends.   Especially since he'd asked to take her to an isolated canyon to go snow tubing.   

She agreed to go on one condition…if they could make it a double date.   He went along with the plan  and together they agreed that  he would bring one of his friends along and she would bring one of her friends.   The girl was relieved that she would not have to hang out by herself in a scary, dark canyon with a guy she barely knew and thought it would be fun to have her good friend B. could come along. 

Shortly before he was to pick her and B. up for the date, he called the girl's apartment and informed her that  his friend was not able to make it and that they would need to go alone to the canyon.   Too bad there was no way the girl was letting that happen!    

Right when she was debating about what to do,  the girl's brother, Nate, walked in and.. 


 … suddenly she knew the answer to her dilemma.     

While she finished primping for the date, she put Nate on the task of finding some guy, any guy, who would be willing to go on a double date in the canyon  right then and there.    

He came back with Glen, who had magnanimously left a great football game on tv to come along.   

The four of them went to the canyon together and right from the beginning the girl was far more interested in Glen than in her "friend" from the CougarEat.    They still all had a fun time  until Glen busted his leg open when his tube ran into a rock outcropping and they ended the night in the Emergency Room. 

Mr. CougarEat never asked the girl out again, a fact which was not overly disappointing to her.   What was disappointing though, was that B. and Glen were now interested in each other.   The girl helped B. bring Glen "get well" treats and even helped her ask him to Preference.   

While B. and Glen continued to date, Glen and the girl got to be good friends.   They volunteered at Big Brother/Big Sister together.  They helped at Special Olympics.  They went on hikes together.   Pretty soon B. went on a mission and the girl finally had Glen all to herself.   

They spent an entire laid-back summer hanging out together.  She working at a pizza shop and Glen as a house painter.  They continued volunteering together, fishing, hiking in the mountains, running, they went to a Kenny Loggins concert, and even took a trip with a bunch of friends to Yellowstone.   Mostly their dates were cheap or free and if you had asked either one of them, they both likely would have denied they were actually dating.  

It wasn't until  the end of that summer, that Glen finally started admitting that they might be a little more than friends and on September 25th Glen took the girl on a hike in Provo Canyon and asked her to marry him.   

She said, "Yes."

Lara & Glen



Lillian Sun said...

Happy proposal anniversary!

Matthew K said...

Happy anniversary of the proposal! When he proposed was he aware that it was your 7-months-to-your-birthday day as well? I mean what are the chances of something like that happening coincidentally? Pretty stinkin' slim, my friend!

GG said...

:-) I'm forever glad "you said yes"! I love you always and forever!!!

Jennifer McArthur said...

What a sweet story. So glad you guys found each other!

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