Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Art in Real Life

Recently while studying Mary Cassatt we decided to recreate two of her paintings in real life...

Ellie was a willing model who enjoyed the challenge...

Our dog not so much. Rocky wanted nothing to do with being on an empty chair, so Ellie gave up and let him cuddle with her!  

What else are we doing?  

* Cami went to California for Thanksgiving, made a dozen pies for the big day, and recently started a blog. 

 *Ellie and I did a presentation about her seizures to a local Cub Scout troop tonight. They were learning about how to treat people with disabilities or that are different from them.  Ellie was a happy participant and rocked  answering all of their questions! 

*Spencer had yet another double ear infection this past week that left him extremely hard of hearing.   Thankfully his hearing is improving now that the antibiotics are kicking in.   I've got him an appointment for an ENT next week to get to the bottom of these new ear issues.  

*Emma is loving all the Christmas music out right now and spends a couple hours each day playing the piano and singing.   I love it. She also recently took a job cooking dinners a couple times a week for someone.   It's a great job and she is really enjoying the challenge.  

*Adam is our main worm caretaker, our resident fix-it guy, my most challenging child to homeschool, our puzzle solver, and joke teller....in other words, he makes me laugh, cry, yell, thank, and cheer on a regular basis!   

*Ellie is half-way through the 7th Harry Potter and couldn't be more excited about it! 

*Our Elf on the Shelf is back in business.  He had a little more reluctant  entrance this year, but I guess he's here to stay for a few more weeks.  

*Glen is on a quest to lose 45-lbs by his 45th birthday (in June) and he's made some good beginning strides towards that goal.   

*Taking his lead, I am avoiding sweets right now. 

*Madeleine, the inspirational AML fighter from London that I've recently connected with, is not doing well.  Please keep her in your prayers.  


annalisa said...

I like your pictures imitating the paintings! They're fun!

Poor Spence with his ear infection!

annalisa said...

By the way, Cami is a good writer, like you! :)

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