Saturday, November 28, 2015

Please Pass the Rolls

"Please pass the rolls," an innocent child politely asks at  Thanksgiving dinner. 

Without even thinking, I pick up a roll and toss it across the table where it promptly thumps the unsuspecting child on the chest and bounces onto the floor.  

What can I say?  

Thanks, Dad, for not only teaching me that skill/trick/annoying habit (whatever you want to call it), but ingraining it so fully into my brain that, to me, that is just how you pass the rolls.  And we have rolls just infrequently enough that the kids seem to forget it until the first time someone asks for a roll.

 You do know that I can see you rolling your eyes through the computer screen, right?     And, yes, I know you're wondering when someone will nominate me as tackiest mother of the century.    Don't worry, though,  I already bagged that award about 20-years ago.     

To all future in-laws that one day marry into our family.  

I'm truly, truly sorry.

On the bright side, this was a rare photo shoot my kids were happy to pose for!




annalisa said...

Hahaha! :)

Rachel said...

ok, that's an awesome shot of Adam with the roll headed toward him! Great one!

Charlene said...

Awesome! I have few apologies I need to make to my future families too!!

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