Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Narrowly Avoiding Death by Boredom

   I've always liked weekends, but now that I'm a homeschooling mom...I love the weekends.  I love sleeping in a little, I love being off academic duty, and I love the change of scenery as the weekday routines fly out the window on the weekends.   This past weekend was a very average weekend, so, since my main purpose of this blog is to find a sure cure for insomnia, I,  of course,  am blogging about it in every excruciating detail.    I will do a minute by minute recap from 7:00am-10:00pm  each day and then do  a summary of each of our dreams. 

Or maybe not.     

I don't want to be accused of causing anyone to die of boredom, so, by super popular demand, instead I will just post the highlights of our very average weekend, which should be just boring enough to induce slumber, but not quite boring enough to induce death.    A good balance, I think.  

Ellie and Adam played in their last soccer games of the season on Saturday!    Ellie and Adam were  clearly  one of the least experienced players on their respective teams, but they both improved a lot during the season and had fun, so it was definitely a successful season as far as we're concerned!   Adam's coach was fantastic and other than the time Ellie's coach yelled at her team for "sucking" and made half the girls cry, he was actually a pretty good coach too. 

Emma made another wedding cake!   Cami made one before she left for college and word got out, so  Emma's gotten two more orders since she's left.   The orderers  use this as their cake to cut into.  

 We lost our leftover Sunday dinner (fajitas and homemade guacamole) in an unfortunate and very messy crash...  

 I've been trying to stay in my church clothes on Sundays, but this Sunday we went on a walk and I got cold, so I put on my exercise leggings as an extra layer.   I walked all over the neighborhood (3-1/2 miles) looking like this and immediately got called by 3 fashion agencies all wanting me to be their next designer. ↓↓↓

I got bold and ordered five boxes of apples this year.  The plan was to eat lots of them fresh, make delicious apple treats, and dehydrate the rest.   It's been a few weeks now and I'm two boxes down, three to go and I'm getting nervous.

I deactivated my Facebook account...again.   I had been keeping it at arm's length for the last few months, letting Glen be the keeper of my password and not getting on often, but the latest Facebook "strife" was causing me stress and I decided that I needed another break from it.   


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R said...

Sounds like quite a weekend to me. Getting the last soccer games of the season in, breaking a glass dish and making the leftovers inedible, being the fashion model in your neighborhood, and using up a lot of apples.

We have been staying in our Sunday clothes all day too. It makes a difference in our efforts to keep the Sabbath day holy.

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