Wednesday, November 4, 2015

This Past Week....

Once upon a time there was a very boring family who lived very boring lives with a mom who decided that she didn't want to forget any of the boringness whatsoever. she started a blog.  

She blogged about nothing constantly and made up stories when the nothingness got to be even too much for her.    

Here's episode #1956  of total boringness:     

On Wednesday this past week the big boys went to the Caps' game and sat in box seats for Glen's company!  They wore matching signed jerseys, because, heck, when you have them handed to you when you're in the hospital....why not go matchy matchy with your dad?! 

Also, last Wednesday the kids' piano teacher was sick, so we took a walk instead.  It was rainy, but still, oh so beautiful!   I love autumn and I love how these pictures turned out!  

Ellie picked our "ponderizing" scripture this past week and Emma illustrated it for us!    This "ponderizing" (studying one scripture in depth for a week) has actually been a pretty powerful experience for us.   We usually read the scriptures a chapter or two at a time, and may spend some time discussing each chapter, but looking at one scripture day-after-day has proved to be very meaningful.  We've had some great discussions and I feel like we're already getting to know the scriptures even better! 

On Friday we did this.

Then on Saturday, in between their soccer games, Emma's voice rep class, and other activities, the kids did a presentation on red worm composting at a local Farmer's Market.   They dressed in worm costumes, did a skit, and answered people's questions about composting.  It's part of the community outreach they're doing for their FLL team.

Later on Saturday we took Emma out for a special birthday dinner.  True Food Kitchen is about the only restaurant where the food actually meets Emma's very high standards for what she'll eat.

Sunday was the first "normal" Sunday we'd had in weeks and I so thrived on having some time to get some things done.   Adam found 15 names to take to the temple using a new website we discovered called    Monday was a hellish day that involved a gazillion things to do and a  huge power struggle.    The way our schedule is this year, I pretty much detest Mondays  and would love nothing more than to sleep straight through them all.

Tuesday we went on a field trip to the National History of Health and Medicine in Silver Spring, MD and thoroughly grossed out Ellie.  I also voted, dehydrated some apples, started organizing a cupboard, and went to tithing settlement without Glen, since he had to work late.

So, that's it.  That's a glimpse at our very boring lives.

It's a very boring life, that I love, with people I love more than words can express.

And I love to remember it all.

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annalisa said...

That does not sound like a boring life to me! It sounds like a life full of enriching activities and family togetherness!

I love those autumn pictures from your walk. They're beautiful!

Wait, did you go to the medical museum with the brains and bones and other such gross but fascinating things to look at somewhat near the temple?

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