Monday, November 9, 2015

Where We've Been

We could count on going on at least one road trip every summer of my childhood.    The trips mostly consisted of  treks from our home in Minnesota to the grandparents' homes in Wyoming and Oklahoma, but often my dad would alter the route just so we could visit more states.   Notice I didn't say, "see something cool or new,"  I said, "visit more states," which to my dad was more important than what we actually saw while we were there in a new state.   Usually touring a city meant a drive by of important sites and occasionally a visit to something that had free admission.  We usually camped along the way or crammed all 10 of us into one cheap motel room.    By the time I left home, I had been to every state in the continental US and  even with the drive-by touring,  I truly have been to a lot of cool places in my life.   

Now that we have our own family and airplane tickets are too pricey to stomach for our entire family, we have turned into summer road trippers too!    We usually go a little slower and stay in one place a little longer than we did growing up, but we have driven on every summer vacation for more than a decade now....even to Utah and California!  

For the sake of future trip planning purposes, below you will find our states visited maps:  

My map (missing Alaska):
I've had Alaska as my lone state left to visit for over 20-years and still I haven't been able to convince Glen to take me there! 
49 states

Create Your Own Visited States Map

 Cami and Emma's map (missing Alaska, Hawaii, and the deep South):
42 states

Create Your Own Visited States Map

 Adam and Ellie's map (missing Alaska, Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, and the deep South):
40 states

Create Your Own Visited States Map

 Glen's and Spencer's map (missing Alaska and deepest of the deep South):
46 states

Create Your Own Visited States Map


Now we just need to plan a trip to the deep south!


annalisa said...

You all need to take a trip to the deep south and then to Alaska, or the other way around!

annalisa said...

Wait, you should go to Alaska first and then the deep South. :)

R said...

You should take a long vacation and cover the deep south then drive to Alaska. It would only take a month or so. Better yet fly to the northwest and take an Alaskan cruise.

Lillian said...

Wow! That is so impressive and awesome!!!!

GG said...

Um, for the record, I'd happily take you to Alaska. I have always said that as long as you let me go on at least one fishing expedition while we are there, I'm all for it!!!

Let's go! Right now!!!

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