Monday, May 30, 2016

Adventures in Rome

May 15:  We stayed the night in an apartment near the airport, so our first order of business in the morning was checking out and trekking into the city for church (with all of our luggage)!

It was a two hour long ordeal that involved switching train lines and traipsing up a large hill (still with all of our luggage) that made us all sweaty, out of breath, and a tad grumpy.  Eventually we arrived to the Roma 2nd ward just as the sacrament was beginning, but, for whatever reason, they wouldn't serve it to us.    Maybe it was because we missed the prayer, or maybe it was because they were running out of bread, but it was definitely a  disappointment after how hard we'd worked to get there.   

After church we actually talked to a senior missionary couple, who got permission from the bishop to serve the sacrament to us.   We were a little embarrassed being the squeaky wheels, but figured it was better than feeling upset about missing it completely.  

 After church, we went to check into our apartment and finally drop off our luggage!   Then we were off to explore the city!   We were in awe of how colossally large the colosseum was in real life.  

Next we walked by the Roman Forum.   These ruins were also quite impressive, as was trying to envision what it looked like in its height.  

Originating thousands of years ago, the Roman Forum was the center of ancient Roman life...

and it was fascinating to see the remnants of their creative and hard-working civilization.  

Next we went to see Trevi Fountain.

I was as enchanted by the legend of Trevi Fountain, as I was by its beauty.   We each threw a coin and very much hope that the legend holds true.  This ended up being one of my favorite places in all of Rome! 

While we were at Trevi Fountain, it started to rain....and didn't let up.  It didn't take long before we were gladly shelling out beaucoup bucks to purchase umbrellas from opportunistic street vendors. 

At the Pantheon in the pouring rain...

We walked over 25,000 steps and by the end of the day were exhausted and soaking wet!

We ate gelato twice and had dinner at another real deal authentic Italian restaurant.    I ordered the orrichette and pretty much thought it was the best Italian food I'd ever eaten.   

We are quickly becoming fans of Rome! 


Here are a couple more pictures from the day: 

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