Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Exhausted in London

May 9:  After not arriving into our hotel at after 11:30 last night, our wake-up call at 4:30 for our flight from Reykjavik to London the next morning  meant that we started the day exceedingly short on sleep. 
The flight was relatively short, but It was a long process getting through passport control, to the city on the train,  and eventually dropping off our luggage at our hostel.  Yes, we stayed in a hostel and liked it! 

 Eventually we ate (because we all get hangry when we don't eat) and we were excited to get started exploring the city.  

Taking a ride on the London Eye in the pouring rain meant that our pictures were marred with raindrops....

But the views were still spectacular and it was a great way to get our feet wet (figuratively and literally) in this bustling city! 

That night we watched a show on the West End, called Stomp.  It was very lively and fun, but due to our severe lack of sleep (combined with a good dose of jet lag) we all struggled to stay awake! I'm sure the people seated around us were amused by our head bobbing snooze fest.  

Fun fact:  Glen served his mission in the England London South mission about 25 years ago!   He LOVED being back here!

PS excuse any styling or grammatical errors.  Blogging from my phone has proven to be a more challenging task than I expected. 

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