Monday, May 2, 2016

Happy Birthday, Spence!

April 30: 
In honor of Spencer's 21st birthday on Saturday,  here are 21 random facts about Spence:

1.  He's the only one of the kids who inherited my dark brown hair. 

2.  When he was in elementary school, he would read so much that I'd sometimes have to tell him to stop reading and go play outside for a while.

3. Spencer absolutely hates fajitas with a vehement burning passion.

4. Unlike the rest of the family, he does not have much of a sweet tooth.

5. His debate teacher in high school said that he was one of the most talented debate students she'd ever taught in her three decades of teaching.  I wasn't surprised at all by this declaration. 

6.   He's broken more bones than anyone else in the family (2).  

7.  He's got a gift with words.  

8.  He's spent waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more nights in the hospital than everyone else in the family combined.

9.  Because of how polite and funny he was, the nurses in the hospital used to fight over who had him as their patient. 

10.  He one time made his English teacher cry because she was touched by what he'd written in his essay.

11. In elementary school, he was obsessed with the Utah Jazz.  

12.  He played the clarinet through middle school, but hasn't touched it since then. 

13.  Spence is the pickiest eater of all my kids.  

14.  He has no natural propensity to stay organized in the slightest. 

15.  He isn't a fan of breakfast and often just grabs a glass of milk on the way out the door to work. 

16.  One of his favorite parts about homeschooling in 8th grade was the opportunity it gave him to learn to rock climb.   He hasn't done it much since then, until we just recently joined a gym that has a rock climbing wall.   Now it's one of his favorite things to do after work. 

17.  He's made me cry 10,000 more times than any of our other kids combined.

18.  We knew what we were going to name him several months before he was born.  

19.  When he was about 8-14 years old, he would  change out of his church clothes so quickly that most of us hadn't even walked in the door  from the car yet.  

20.  Spencer has a love/hate relationship with attention being paid to him.  On the one hand, he has gone to great lengths in his life to avoid being in the spotlight, but on the other, he definitely has started to seek to impress  the ladies! 

21.  He is a four-year cancer survivor!

We love you, Spence!   Happy Birthday! 

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R said...

Hope you had a Happy Birthday Spencer!

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