Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Best Part of Waking Up

May 11:  What's the best part of waking after a really long day and  not getting to bed until after midnight? 

Waking up with a cute baby cousin in bed with you! 

Seriously!  I need to work on getting one of those (to borrow) at our house!  It made wake-up time so much more pleasant! 

After a slow morning playing with cousins, we took off for nearby Gloucester cathedral!  Wow!  What a beautiful place that they see nearly every day!
Inside the cloisters of the cathedral  is where some scenes from Harry Potter were filmed.   A couple of my kids were quite excited by this fact.

Next we went to Gadfield Elm, which was the first LDS chapel in the world.  I have an ancestor who attended there. 

We were the only ones there, so my kids enjoyed reenacting a church meeting. 

Next we went to the cute little town of Tewkesbury.

We explored the amazing Abbey and walked up the high street.

Afterward we ate Karey's delicious lasagna soup and went for a walk in the beautiful countryside near their home. 

It was lovely to feel a touch of home again.  


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Elissa said...

This must be the sweetest baby cousin ever. You are welcome to come use our alarm clock when it comes in June -- as long as you turn it off in the morning. :P

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