Monday, August 18, 2008

For Hire: Five-year-old Boy

Name: Adam Stephen
Birthday: 10/16/02
Eyes: Chocolate brown
Hair: Blonde
Disposition: Curious, thoughtful, energetic, mostly cheerful
Current Occupation: Rising kindergartener and prolific demolitionist
Special skills:

*unique artistic style...the world is his canvas

*Wicked good scissoring skills (see evidence above on his own toy....
and below on our 3-year-old sectional sofa)

*Avid consumer of fine cuisine and cookware
Desired Salary: Toy cars and trains (art supplies will not be accepted)


Steve said...

"Her Pampered Chef?" asked Grandma breathlessly...

Oh no!

K said...

Oh my! So sad! All that in one day, huh? It's no wonder Andrew and Adam got a long so well!

Deon said...

Oh goodness! And yet, he still breathes. The quote right next to the post is quite appropriate I suppose!
Any chance we will see you this weekend at Cory S.'s wedding BBQ?

Twinkies said...

So how do you feel about finding an all day kindergarten? =]

Denise said...

LOL! I feel your pain Lara!

Lucikly for Adam, you are a wonderful mother!

Aitch said...

Oh my. Good thing he's such a sweet kid . . . being cute doesn't hurt either. Hopefully kindergarten will help channel some of that excess creativity :o)

I'd offer to send you my stoneware cookie sheet (since I don't cook anymore), but it'd probably arrive in about the same condition.

Lara said...

Yes Mom--it is my pampered chef cookie sheet. :( Saddest part of all it was my last good piece of stoneware, my stoneware casserole dish and pie plate were also broken earlier this year (not blamable on Adam though). I should probably just host a Pampered Chef party at this point...

And yes Mika I can't say that I'm disappointed about our elementary school having all-day kindergarten...hopefully his excess creativity/energy will be channeled for good and not into destroying his classroom!

Deon--we do have Cory's wedding on the calendar, but we still have one variable that could get in the we'll have to see still.

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