Monday, August 25, 2008

My baby boy is growing up...

...sniff, sniff. :(
Another rite of passage is upon us. Adam has lost his first tooth. I should be used to these milestones by now, but losing teeth is a hard one for me. Once they start losing them, their little smiles are never the same again. Of course they eventually evolve into cute grown up smiles (after a lot expensive orthodontic work), but there's just something about those cute little baby teeth smiles that melts my heart. Good thing Ellie has a few more years! °Ü°

By the way....what does the tooth fairy leave for teeth at your house? I'm thinking our tooth fairy might be a little too generous with the $3 prize and I might need to leave him (oops...I mean her) a note about that.


Denise said...

The first tooth is a golden dollar.

After that, it's whatever loose change the tooth fairy can find in the couch.

Rosanna-Steve said...

Adam, tell your mom and dad that the first tooth is now worth $10 and all the rest $1 each.

Your mom used to get $0.50 when she was your age, but that was a long time ago. After you add inflation-$10 is about right.

By the way, you are very handsome!

Love, Grandma-Grandpa

annalisa said...

i agree with grandpa and grandma that adam is very handsome! congrats on the first lost tooth!

Alexandra said...

Our tooth fairy is international and leaves money from whatever country she most recently visited. The first time, she usually leaves several coins and/or dollars from one country. On later trips, she'll just leave one. It's fun figuring out where she's been!

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