Thursday, August 7, 2008


Not only do I have a cool husband that surprised me by going out at midnight with his brother and procuring the new Stephenie Meyer book that I'd been anxiously awaiting...
but he also had the forethought to get his first kidney stone the day before leaving on vacation instead of on I-70 in the middle of Kansas.

Witnessing this horribly painful event in Glen's life was traumatic (for him and me) and I would never wish that agony on anyone. However after seeing the offending stone which was all of 3 millimeters wide ( for your stomach's sake I refrained from taking any pictures of the hapless stony monster), I don't see how there's any way that the pain could compare to giving birth to a 9 lb. baby (as some people[no names DAD] like to claim).

Thankfully Glen was quickly back to 100% and we're having a wonderful time on our vacation. :) (I don't have a way to upload pictures yet, but there will be plenty eventually).


Steve said...

Just ask your sister Kristina (who has had both a kidney stone as well as a couple of babies) which one she would prefer!

The problem with kidney stones (ask Glen) is that the pain does not come and go in waves-but never subsides until the stinking thing passes. The pain is unrelenting for sometimes hours and even days on end.

And as mom is always found of saying, "At least in the end you have a cute little baby and not just some jagged little nettle-like rock!"

And mom can tell you as well how unconsiderate I was back in late 1996 as I had an attack on I-35 in the midst of a move and ended up spending two nights in a Des Moines hospital. Miserable!!

Love, Dad

K said...

Sorry but the pain is not even comparable! Kidney stones even if the pain lasts a couple days will never even come close to the pain of child birth. Sorry men you will never really understand what your poor wife goes through to bring a new baby into the world.

JenJ said...

I am so sorry Glen!!!
Glad you guys are enjoying your vacation! So, you are into these Stephanie Meyers books too? I haven't started them yet...the vampire idea creeps me out. How much am I missing?

Lara said...

Hey Jen!
Did you feel the vibes that we are currently in the same state? We're in a hotel in Amarillo on our way home (with a stop in OKC to visit relatives).
I was really nervous about Stephenie Meyer too, but they're more love stories than vampire stories. I'm definitely a fan.

JenJ said...

OK you are only like 4 hours away in OKC!!!!!! Next time, plan a little tiny detour down to see us!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Glen said...

For the record - I never (read as not a single time) implied or suggested that my kidney stone experience remotely resembled child birth! :-) While it was not a pleasant experience and one I would never wish upon my worst enemy, I would not go as far to make any comparison to the child bearing experience understanding that we men could never in a million years win such an argument. We are just grateful that the women are nobly equal to the task!!!

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