Friday, August 22, 2008

Glen's Other Lara!

After all that angst about my name as a teenager imagine how refreshing it is to meet someone who knows instantly how to spell and pronounce my name! Like my college roommate named Lara Greene. You can only imagine the confusion it caused having a Lara Greene and a Lara Crain living in the same apartment, but oh what a fun time we had with that confusion.

Then one day I met this hot guy who didn't stumble over my name at all. Turns out this hot guy's one and only sister's name is also Lara--it was an instant connection! So after several months of friendship and courtship where my name was always perfectly pronounced I married the hot guy...and then there were two Lara Goolds in the world.

Glen and his other Lara (now married with a different last name)

My family thought this coincidence was quite the funny thing, so they decided to make it a family requirement for a proper marriage. Pete married into a family with another Pete. Kristina married Tom, whose one and only sister's name is Christina. Then Matt married Karey who has a brother named Matt. Yeah, it's gotten a little out of hand.

So now with opening lines like, "Do you have a sister named AnnaLisa?" my remaining single siblings are narrowing their fields rather quickly. And I can't help but feel partially responsible for starting what has become a family I'm asking for your help.

If you know of any eligible maidens with brothers named:
Nate (CO)
Tim (UT)
Or any eligible bachelors with sisters named:
Heather (MN)
AnnaLisa (UT)

PLEASE give me a call...


Lara said...

Who is Penelope? And why did you remove your comment? I was excited about a good lead.

Penelope said...

Sorry, I deleted my comment. I wanted to say that I have brothers named Tim and Nate. I might need to meet your brothers ;)
Penelope Cockroach

K said...

Penelope has returned? i haven't heard from her in so long! I wonder how she tracked down your blog Lara? Hmmm?

Tex said...

I used to date your sister, Kristina but I never realized that she has sisters named AnnaLisa and Heather. I also have sisters named AnnaLisa and Heather. What are their phone numbers?

Lara said...

Sorry Tex. I could never let either of my sisters marry someone named Tex. I hope you understand it's a matter of family pride.

Kim said...

I've got a brother named Josh available!! Any takers?

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