Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My week in NUMB3RS

1 field trip on Wednesday, 1 field trip on Friday, 1 more field trip on Thursday
2 stores in 1 afternoon to restock my empty fridge
3 days of preschool at my house in the last week
4 times of rebooting the computer yesterday before it got off the system recovery screen
5:15 the alarm clock rings
6 hours of sleep I've been averaging lately
7 times a day I wonder where my brain has gone
8 people I feed and take care of every day
9 or so treats I turn down each week (it's getting easier now)
10 loads of laundry I fold each week (at least)
25-30 minutes each day it takes me just to drive home from Spencer's high school in the evenings
60 degrees and gorgeous this week
100% excited for the weekend already



Steve-Rosanna said...

A parody of one of mom's favorite shows - CBS's "NUMB3RS".

We are continually amazed at the ever frenetic pace of your life. It is rare that we ever catch you at home-but generally have to resort to calling your mobile. Yes, weekends and summers become precious moments of peace and rest.

Just think only another 13 more years of early-morning seminary! Makes you tired just thinking about it, eh?!?

Dad-Mom ("been there done that")

annalisa said...

Yeah you have had a lot of field trips this week:)
The weather is pretty awesome! I like it!

annalisa said...

You're awesome Lara!

K said...

I'm excited for the weekend too! Do you want to go to Tahoe with me next month?

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