Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What Rhymes with Easter?

Easter eggs.  Some muddy, some bright.  
All of them tasty and won't last a night.  

Baskets on the head.  
Quite a funny tradition, they said. 
I say, good thing they weren't filled with lead! 

Ready, set, go.
They're off to find their Easter treasure,
mixed with fun beyond measure.

Frilly skirts and muddy feet,
Make for an Easter princess, so sweet. 

With his candy all eaten,
He just couldn't be beaten.
Eggs for breakfast, eggs for lunch,
We didn't keep count, but he sure ate a bunch!  

 If the phone you cannot find,
Just look with my Cami dear
it's likely implanted in her ear.
Just don't try to take her eggs
She'll probably swat you on the legs.
Hope you all had a Happy Easter
and, um, didn't once fall upon your keester. 

(Hehe.   It was either "keester" or some made up word like seester or meester. )


K said...

What is a keester my seester?

Denise said...


Honey Mommy said...

Wow! I totally need some of your egg eaters to head over here. We still have 10 left out of the dozen we dyed!

Holly said...

I like the "keester" quote. It looks like you all had a great Easter.

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