Sunday, May 9, 2010

Definition of a Good Day--Through the Ages

5-year-old girl--losing your first tooth and getting loot from the tooth fairy for the first time

7-year-old boy--going to a Caps game with Dad and getting a new hat to wear around

9-year-old girl--having your baby cousin come to visit and chant, "Emma Emma Emma" through the evening

12-year-old girl--chilling with friends

15-year-old boy--scoring three goals in your high school lacrosse game.  Go Jags!

37-year-old mom--getting to laze around all morning in my pajamas, eat a fancy breakfast, get a day off of nursery to go to Sunday School and Relief Society, and have time to do a little photoshopping so I don't scare all of my faithful blog readers away with my scary morning face!

.....and finding a fun new quote to make me laugh:    
"What would men be without women? Scarce, sir, mighty scarce." Mark Twain

Thank you to Glen, AnnaLisa, and the kids who made me feel so loved today!



Andie said...

Great post idea, I might have to steal this one!

Happy Mother's Day, Lara!

Steve-Rosanna said...

Scarce indeed Mr Twain!

Great post Lara. Sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's Day!!

Love, Dad-Mom

Momma Nielson said...

Happy Mother's Day, Lara! And Go Jags!

annalisa said...

Happy belated Mother's Day Lara!

melissa said...

what a great day! great photoshopping abilities too! I should do that with a few of my photos too lol!

wow, the tooth fairy is very kind at your home! we've just done quarters over here and obviously I haven't done a great job teaching Brianna that money is worth something because the other day she gave me the two quarters from the tooth fairy because she doesn't want them anymore lol!

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