Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Keeping it Real

I've been worried that my last few posts have come off as bragging or even a little preachy, neither of which I am qualified to do.  So today I'm sharing a reality check.  While I do wholly embrace the philosophies that I shared, I still have a long, long, long, long way to go!

For instance: 

My peeps rarely wear matching socks, if they wear socks at all. 

I haven't seen the floor in Spencer's closet since 2001, a couple weeks after we moved into this house.

Household projects take us approximately 3 years of talking about it, 2 years of planning, then another 19-52 months before they're completed.  I figure we're about half way through the last stage of that process with our basement. 

I prepare my Sunday lessons on Sunday mornings.

I get really annoyed at people who flake out on me, but when I flake out on them there's always a perfectly good excuse that makes me less of a flake than them.

Past the age of 3, I do not deal with temper tantrums very well at all.  99% of me yelling has something to do with someone old enough to know better throwing a fit.

I'm 37 years old and I still like to get my mom's goat by telling her that I'm starting to embrace some liberal political philosophy.

I occasionally mutter dammit  doggoneit under my breath and think it's wildly funny to use it on posts  on my sister's Facebook page just to see her reaction. 

I  envy anyone who:  A) is skinny  B) is naturally witty  C) a good housekeeper  D)  a good singer
97% of my friends are all four.

I get jokes about 3 minutes after everyone's done laughing.

I blog more than I exercise (and it shows). 

I say stupid and embarrassing things every day of my life.   I like to think of it as one of my unbury-able God-given talents.  (my humble apologies to all of you benefactors of that talent)



Denise said...

wow. I am in the seriously 3% minority of your friends.

And I must confess to 1, 2, 4, 5, 11 and 12.

Lisa @ Pulsipher Page said...

Funny post. I love that you live back east. I lived in NJ for many years. Have a great Mothers Day!

alexandra said...

Like Denise, either I'm one of the 3% or I'm not one of your friends. :)

I love your blog, Lara!

melissa said...

I don't think the posts were preachy at all... but maybe that's because I agree with you (and have worked a little harder to apply those things more in my home!!) glad to know you aren't perfect though!!

Charlene said...

I too, am part of that 3% group. Whewww....now I don't feel so alone knowing theirs others like me!

Andie said...

No joke, I seriously have on my upcoming lists of posts a "reality check" post. Much of what has been on my mind lately has been pretty heavy stuff and that's shown up a lot in my writing.

And the "dammit" thing will be showing up on my list as well, I promise. In fact, Ryan reminded me just the other day of the last time we were out on the east coast and we took a day trip down the Cape Hatteras Nat'l Seashore. It was super windy and Janie, who was four, looked at me and asked, "Mom, when are we gonna get the hell out of here?"

PS I love your parenting philosophy posts, every one of them! PLEASE...keep 'em coming. People like me need the wisdom of people like you...I love your insight because it's paving the way for me and my soon-to-be teenagers!

Steve said...

No matter how much one may deny it, the fact is that you are my daughter and unfortunately that means that you have been afflicted with a set of my troublesome genes.

Almost anything of your rough edges more than likely came from my side of the family (ie. the occasional doggoneit, etc.). Your very last sentence you can ascribe directly to me-since I am the master of the art of saying stupid and embarrassing things. A real gift that your poor mom has been enduring for almost forty years.

You can take solace in the fact that no matter how often such incidents may occur with the knowledge that you will never be as "bad" as your dad. The only gift that some of my children may one day surpass in is the art of sarcasm. Some of you are already pretty "darn" good at it.

angela said...

Love you Lara, and I love your blog. I am so glad we are friends. I hope to be able to see you again in person one day soon!

clarsen said...

I am pretty sure I could have you beat on saying dumb things. You are amazing even if your house isn't always spotless (mine never is and we've only lived here for a month.)

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