Sunday, May 9, 2010

Lessons From My Mother

"...I did remember the words which they said unto me that their mothers had taught them."  Alma 57:21

Lessons I've learned from my mother:
1.  Prayer works.
2.  TV is bad, books are good.
3.  You don't need fancy equipment to exercise.
4.  If you're a liberal, you probably need to see a neurosurgeon. (don't worry liberal friends, I told my mom you're a moderate)
5.  Simple is better.
6.  Avoid the appearance of evil. 
7.  Coffee cakes and coffee tables don't really exist, they're actually called breakfast cakes and tv tables.
8.  People who wear high heels are people who enjoy inflicting pain upon themselves.
9.  FHE is well worth the sacrifice and effort.
10. Our leaders are called by God.
11.  Navy blue is the new black.
12.  Freckles are something to be proud of.
13.  America is a blessed land.
14.  Beauty comes from within.
15.  You need to vary the hiding places of goodies and gifts frequently.  A whole year of Little Debbies for breakfast taught me that trick.
16.  Embarrassing topics should be avoided at all costs, but if one has to refer to it, then code names make it less embarrassing. (An arb is much less blush worthy than a bra.)
17.  One pair of tennis shoes and one pair of Sunday shoes is all the footwear you need.
18.  Slow down.  Take time to smell the, I mean roses. 
19. List making is for wimps who can't remember what they're doing.

...And the list could have gone on and on.  Thank you mom!!!  I love you!

I also want to express my heartfelt gratitude to my awesome mother-in-law and grandmothers (all pictured above, except for Glen's Grandma Frances). 

Happy Mother's Day! 
We love you! 



Steve said...

Your list could be so much longer!

Always amazed at the sheer amount of wisdom that emanates from this little girl from Star Valley.

Forever amused by her use of non-offensive "code words" especially for you girls.

Not sure what you mean by # 19 as your mom was the ultimate list maker. Our fridge was alway covered with lists.

Great post and great picture (assume from Denver Temple in '93?)

Happy, happy Mother's Day!!

Lara said...

I remember those lists always being made by you Dad!

Deon said...

Wow - that is wonderful. You are blessed to have a great mom.

Holly said...

Great idea. I think I will steal your idea and write something about my mom today.

Just so you know we are doing okay. Many surrounding areas were flooded, but and our area was not.

melissa said...

ok, going along with #7 what would your mother call a tea party then?

great list!

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