Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Salary Petition

Have you ever seen the study someone did that tried to give a monetary value to the work a mother does?

They figure out the average number of hours a mother performs certain  jobs, like housekeeper, day care center teacher, cook, computer operator, laundry machine operator, nurse, janitor, facilities manager, van driver, accountant, and psychologist, and figures out a salary for them.  According to this study, the current monetary value of a stay-at-home mother is something like $134,121.

I noticed though that they left off a very important job---event planner.  Every day a mother needs to figure out who needs to be where and at what time, and where is dinner going to fit in all that, and what about those wholesome recreational activities we're supposed to be engaging in?   Who's supposed to take care of planning those?

So, I've researched the average salary of an event planner and am petitioning that we should add another $40,000 or so to that stay-at-home mom's worth.

Now if I could just figure out why I haven't been getting my paycheck...


Valerie H. said...

Lara you are funny. Your blessings mostly come in later years and eternity.

Steve said...

Shhhh!! These facts are the best kept secret of the male domain. We can not have this type of information freely floating out there in etherspace.

If this were reality, your "poor" mom would be a millionaire many times over.

P.S. There are certainly other payment criteria that you could add to your formula, but we probably shouldn't add any more ammo to your proposition.

P.S.S. Happy Mother's Day!!!

Charlene said...

Hahaha.......why am I laughing? I haven't seen my paycheck either!!! :)

Mirien said...

That's odd--you aren't getting paid? I get my check every two weeks in the mail. Believe me, it's huge. I must be getting paid for event planning as well as everything else. Maybe you should go on strike. :)

K said...

I've been waiting for my check for a long time too. Mirien-do you happen to know who sends the check so I can give them a call?

Jocelyn Christensen said...

You are too funny! I love your ending photo! If I did that a bird would surely come flying out and poke me in the eyeball. We stopped getting the paper, so bird has taken up residence in our newspaper slot...but now I'm just rambling! :) I still think $170 thousand is underbidding the job of mother! But my, I'd have quite the wardrobe if I could make that much!

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